Their greatest weapon against you

Their Weapon Against You

The key focus of Grounds4Faith is apologetics which is defined as “reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine”.

With that being said, to practice apologetics, you must be able to build an argument with logical reasoning over a certain issue; a majority of these arguments will be built up using external evidence. External evidence includes things such as the fossil record, archaeological artifacts, DNA research, and other lab studies. With that being said, internal evidence is required to defend your faith in the midst of opposition. Internal evidence could be considered to be facts and information from the Bible.

Now, we live in what researchers are calling a “post-Christian society”, meaning, less than 2% of people have a thorough knowledge of the Bible and live by the principles taught in the Bible. However, there are people that are in opposition to the Gospel and their knowledge of the Bible is extensive.

The sad thing is, some of these people have a greater knowledge of the claims and history stated in the Bible than people who claim the name of Christ… Yeah… Surprising, I know. See the miss match?

Why is this? Why do they have a greater knowledge than people who follow the God who inspired the whole book? I believe it comes from the supposed fleeting importance of the Bible in a Christian’s life.

To a lot of Christians, the Bible is there solely to offer a pick-me-up verse on a bad day, to give them a cool verse they could add in their social media bio, or to give them something to display on themselves in someway during a sports event. To them, reading the Bible isn’t really all that¬†essential to developing their faith.¬†THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THE BIBLE THAN THIS!

The Bible was meant for so much more! The Bible wasn’t intended to be read just a single verse at a time. It was intended to be read in sections so that you can grasp the full meaning and understanding of what is truly going on; without knowing an entire passage, it is easy for verses to be taken out of context.

In some cases, people who are in opposition to the Gospel see the need to have a basic knowledge of the Bible; this is the same for people who are skeptic readers. These people will use the Bible as an argument against Christianity itself.

Here are some common things people say: “God ordered the Israelites to kill men, women, and children. How is that a characteristic of a good God? The Bible hates women. God hates gay people.” These are just a couple examples. Some of these topics will be addressed in later blog posts so stay tuned! All of these statements are made when passages are taken out of context and misconstrued, making them false statements.

If you don’t have a response to a person when they say these things, it can make a conversation grind to a halt. According to the command given in 1 Peter 3:15, we must always have a reason to why we follow Christ and know that the Bible is the inspired word of God.

Therefore, a persons greatest weapon against you when it comes to a discussion about the validity of the Bible is your own lack of knowledge of what’s actually said in the Bible!

There’s a simple, easy, not complex at all solution: spend more time in God’s word!

  1. Don’t just pick and choose verses to read when you pick up your Bible, read whole sections! I encourage you to pick out a book of the Bible (try starting with a short one like Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, or Colossians) read the whole book from start to finish.
  2. When you have finished that book of the Bible, pick a new one! This is the only way to grasp the whole context of a book of the Bible. This is how you shall be able to defend your faith.