“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”

~ Philippians 1:6

From Caleb,

I want to offer some encouragement to those of y’all around me and to those who tune into the blog. This post is not a blog about research or some religious question; it is about my life and what I have seen the Lord do so far.

I would to encourage y’all do be faithfully obedient to Jesus. Don’t just pick and choose when you follow him. Follow him every single day, not letting the situation you’re in dictate you level of commitment that you give him.

For a long time, while I was writing my book, every time I got home from school, I would open up my laptop and begin writing until I felt tired of writing for that afternoon. Once I was finished writing all I felt led to write that day, I would close my laptop and walk away from writing until the next day.

There were weeks where I would not write anything in my word document for 5 or more days at a time. When weeks like that came, I thought I would never finish the book; when I felt like that, it made me feel like writing the book was just a silly idea I had rather than something God had called me to do.

Although, in the midst of those feelings, there was one thing that was consistent: the desire to continue writing kept growing in my heart.

I remember exactly how excited I was when I finished my very first rough draft of the book, I leaped up out of the chair I was sitting in, and I began to cheer and celebrate. It was in my celebration that I began to praise the Lord. I know it sounds crazy, but I danced around the house and I sang songs of thanks to the Lord. It was out of pure joy in him.

It was then that the Lord revealed to me a very key truth about the Christian walk and that was that God rewards those who are faithful to his calling and instructions. He rewarded me because I had demonstrated faithfulness to what he called me to do. I was swarmed with joy and total amazement that he allowed me to complete a thing such as a book.

Once the book was complete and published, I continued to reap the reward of seeing lives changed and peoples’ outright support of the book. Not only that, but to top it all off, I got to watch the whole thing blossom. I watched so many new developments come from what was once just an idea, which then turned into a book, which then turned into a blog, and then again will turn into a podcast later this up coming summer.

I have been absolutely amazed at what the Lord has allowed me to experience; it is my desire that you would remain faithful to the Lord, so that you too may see his mighty hand at work in your life.

With grace and peace, serving Christ Jesus,

Caleb Eckerd