For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13

From Carly,

What an awesome verse! Unfortunately, it is one that is often used but seldom appreciated for its actual, and truly meaningful content.

Many people, myself included, have always thought that this verse is the go-to encouragement verse for the competitive athlete or the aspiring brain surgeon. Not that it’s not addressing big life goals and dreams, but I think that it’s for every other fear in our life as well. Any “tiny” fear or anxious thought we have, God sees as a big deal and desires to walk alongside us every step of the way.

Ultimately, we think of the, “all things” in this verse, as a substitute for “hard things” or “almost-unreachable goals.” But the good news is, this “all things” literally means all things. Whether it’s reaching a milestone in your life, finishing strong during the last week of exams when you can’t take another second of studying, or just getting through the day, Christ gives you the strength to do it all. He doesn’t focus His attention on the people who are doing great things with their lives. He doesn’t just skip over you because you are unimportant.

This is what is so incredible about the God we serve: He cares about you every second of every day, even when you may forget about Him. 

I don’t know about you, but I need all the strength I can get just to get through the day sometimes. The awesome thing is that He doesn’t just save His strength for the really hard trials in life, or the almost-impossible feats. He provides strength everyday in ways that may seem almost too simple, like helping you get up in the morning, putting your feet on the floor to face the day.

So in everything we do, or strive to do, whether it be big or small, God ultimately gives us the strength to get through it. Think about it this way: If God can move mountains, then He can move your grade from a C to an A. If God can call pastors to lead massive congregations, then God can call you to talk to a friend about Jesus. If God can create this entire world with you and everyone else in it, then He can definitely give you the strength to survive the next trial in your life.

No matter the size or the urgency, He can provide the strength and security to face your problems, and He cares about each equally. With His strength, not only will you get through this next school year, but you’ll get through the next 4 school years and into the rest of your life! He’s not a God who just fixes the big, important things. He reaches out to heal your smaller wounds too!

My encouragement for you is this: Wherever you are right now in life, take Philippians 4:13 to heart and truly understand that He gives you His never-ending strength in ALL things, not just the impossible.

2 thoughts on “Big vs Small, Strength Through It All

  1. This is the God I serve, the one who cares about all my moments in life, not just my events and/or trials. He is there celebrating for the good, and weeping for the bad. THANKS C, this moved me.

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