Acts 3:1-2

Now Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour. And a man lame from birth was being carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple that is called the Beautiful gate to ask alms of those entering the temple.

From Ben,

We often get caught up in the daily tasks of life and rarely take the time to see past the broken of this world to the perfect of His heavens. Peter and John dealt with someone in this situation in Acts 3. On their way to the temple, Peter and John encountered a lame man at the Beautiful Gate, where he daily laid seeking alms. It is important to note the lowliness of the lame in this society. They were often shunned, and furthermore, were thought to be punished by God for some unforgivable sin. So we can infer that very rarely would someone stop to lend a helping hand. But Peter and John saw an opportunity to make a kingdom impact, and they didn’t let it go.

The lame man was seeking money to help him survive. He was unaware of the so much more essential thing that would give him ETERNAL life, the gospel. How many times does this happen in our lives? We get so caught up in life that we seek the things of this world, totally forgetting to have an eternal perspective on life. The sad thing is, in this case, the man was unaware of what he was missing. He truly believed that money would get him where he needed to be in life. Guys, don’t believe this lie, that the things of this world can satisfy. Only God can truly satisfy.

We continuously ask God to change our circumstances rather than asking God to change our heart in our circumstances. Thankfully, God had a plan for this man. Peter and John were going to share the gospel with him, changing his heart in the circumstance, which in turn, changed the circumstance. By performing a miracle, the gospel was shared with this man, showing the resurrection of Christ by symbolizing a brand new creation, in this case, and man who has never took a step in his life could now leap for joy. This joy came from his heart because the healing showed the power of Christ to the lame man. He now had Jesus in his heart!

The man, a new creation in Christ, could not contain his joy, and many saw what Christ had done in his life. Because of this, the strength of God was displayed for all to see. This happens in our life too. When we ask Christ into our hearts, we become a new creation, one that is like no other. We are on display for all to see, getting the chance to share the gospel with those who see. So the lame man crawled to the Beautiful Gate seeking worldly help, but he left running for joy after having acceptance into the More Beautiful Gate, that is, the Gates of Heaven. Have you seen the More Beautiful Gate? Or are you still seeking help in the form of worldly things like money and power at the physical gate? I would encourage you to seek the More Beautiful Gate through accepting Christ into your hearts, so that you may be a new creation, on display for all to see.