Ahhh yes…. The “go to” question by many people. “If God is real, then why does he allow evil in the world?”. If you have been around on the planet for more than a week and turned on the news, you have probably heard this question asked by at least one person but maybe multiples.

When you first take a look at the question and begin to formulate a response in your mind, it’s so easy to get stuck! You come up with one defense and then quickly realize that it simply won’t work. So on, and so forth goes the same process until you stop thinking to keep from frustrating yourself.

Here is my explanation:

We first need to understand that evil things happen because we live in a broken world that has been corrupted by sin. Nothing will be perfect until we are face to face with God. This world will never be perfect. We will not get rid of all disease, suffering, pain, and death until Jesus comes again, so we can’t expect to rid those things from this world because it simply will not happen.

How do we know and understand these bad things that happen in the world, such as war conflict, murder, rape, and things such as the Holocaust. Meaning, how in the world do we know they are bad? According the Atheistic point of view, it is impossible to know the difference between right and wrong without God. Atheists believe that whatever happens is just the result of chemical reactions in your mind and molecules reacting all around you since we are merely a connection of atoms and chemicals. How then, could anything be considered right or wrong? According to that principle, there is no right or wrong, only reactions. Say someone’s natural preset is to kill people, how could you be upset at someone because of their natural preset chemical reactions that played out in your brain? However, we do know murder to me wrong; you can’t unless Christ has written his law on your heart as he said in the Bible.

That is point number two. Because all people can naturally distinguish between right and wrong, unlike animals, it is obvious that Christ has written his law on the hearts of the people; it is because of God that we are even able to tell the difference between right and wrong in the first place. When we look at everything around us compared to the goodness of God that our hearts long for, we know what’s going on is wrong.

Those are good points, but none of them give a solid “Why”.

Why does God allow evil things to happen?

The atheist would argue that the occurrence of these things points to the fact that there is no God, or if there is he is not good. But… in fact, the exact opposite is true.

It is because of standards written on the hearts of people, not by chance, that we are even able to understand what is good and evil. Simply put, it is because God is so good that we’re able to even see the things that are not good and are wicked.

Even still, why does he allow evil to exist? The answer is that it points to the glory of God in his grand masterpiece. Think about the featured image of this blog. The image is full of color and clarity, but what good is color without clarity. There are dark spots on the image that outline the colors and give it definition, the give meaning to the image.

When God stands back and looks at all of eternity at once, he sees the grand mosaic that is his glory! He sees the light spots and the dark spots, and it is all together beautiful to him. It all points back to his glorious plan and the majesty of himself alone, and how he saved us by send his son Jesus Christ to be the perfect sacrifice! WOW!