“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever should believe in him will not perish, but have everlasting life”

-John 3:16

From Ben,

Wow! Well that is exciting that someone who I don’t even know loves me. Your first questions may be, “Is she/he cute?!”, “What do they like to do?” “How do they know me, and why do they love me?”. Well I would ask the same things, only to find an incredible answer. An unexpected answer. A wild surprise! Do you have any idea who this may be?

It is Jesus! The bible tells us that Jesus loved us even before we were born. That is crazy. After pursuing God for many years, and making mistakes, the true love that Jesus has for me and all of humankind is unfathomable. How could someone love me even when I don’t obey them, and when I choose my way first? Only an eternal, all-knowing, perfect, pure, and all-loving God can do that. In fact, God loved us so much that he sent His ONLY son to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. His son is Jesus.

Here is another amazing part, Jesus did not run from the will of his Father, which was to die a gruesome death to take our sins as a Holy sacrifice… then to rise 3 days later to show His defeat over our sin and death. Why on earth would someone I don’t know and who doesn’t know me willingly die for me? Well that’s the thing, He DOES know you. In fact, He knows you better than you know yourself.

God created the Earth and its foundations, and Jesus was there with him in the beginning. God says that He knew us and knitted us all before our birth. Wow! God designed me, and not only that, he designed me in His image! He really must love me to do that. Not only this, but He says he will love us forever, and because of that, is coming back some day!

Jesus promised that the day will come where he will return riding on a cloud and bring those who decided to trust Him to a place where he has prepared a place for them. So Jesus’s love is so great that He is coming back to get us! He hasn’t forgotten about us, he loves us! And he promises he will be back soon. So what does this mean for us?

Well, the first part is realizing that Jesus loves us. Understanding the width of his love is almost impossible, but we do see that love in his dying for our own sins. See, once we realize just how devastating our sin is, we begin to grasp the love Jesus has for us. He took ALL OF IT, all the sin in the world. Can you imagine what kind of weight that would be on you? But Jesus took it, and he took it to the grave. But because of His love, he wanted to give us the chance to spend forever with Him in heaven one day. So he rose from the dead, defeating our sin. What do we do?

We must repent. Turn away from our sins. Jesus defeated them, so we don’t need to wrestle and try to make up for them now. Then we believe, and follow His commands. By believing, we say “Jesus you can have my life, I live for you now”. And in that belief, we find JOY in following his ways over our own. By the way, His ways are not meant to be easy, but they bring the only source of true joy.

I pray that each and every one of you will one day come to know this Jesus much more personally. That you can have a relationship with Him, because He really does love you, and he will be back to bring those who love him home.

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