“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Proverbs 14:34

From Alex, 

Hello reader, the recent controversy regarding Brett Kavanaugh and the Senate has stirred a heartache within me that been troubling recently and I strongly desire to share some thoughts and advice with you.

Politics in America has always been under the umbrella of “topics you don’t mention” when hanging out with friends and family. But as Christians, the field of politics can be utilized so thoroughly to open up conversations about God and sin. A person that comes to mind is Al Mohler, Southern Seminary president, and outspoken evangelical who hosts multiple podcasts from his website, http://www.albertmohler.com. One of these podcasts is called, “The Briefing,” where he lays out current news stories and discusses them from a biblical worldview. It is incredibly insightful and highly recommended. 

Unlike Mohler… why don’t we engage in politics more frequently? Is it fear? Is it the dread of confrontation from someone who holds an opposing view? We are called to be lights to the world, on every level. How much more would our world be changed if Christians stood up and began to tackle societal issues with a spirit of genuine concern and humility? There is a massive payoff, a plentiful harvest to be had!

Just the other day, in fact, I used the topic of Politics to open up a conversation with a girl I had just met, and in the end, after navigating through issues like abortion, and same-sex marriage, I told her not only what I believe, but why I believed it. It’s not enough to just state your stance. In order to make an impact for Christ, there must be a biblical foundation behind that stance. For example, “So, what do you think about same-sex marriage?” “Well, I don’t think it’s good for people. Not because I seek to crush or hinder love, but because if the Bible is right, then men were created for women and women for men, and only when a man and a woman are in a thriving, marriage-tied, God-centered relationship, joy abounds! If this is true, then would it be loving for me to support? I don’t think so.”  (An effective equation to use when seeking to make a claim is simply, “If the Bible is right, [insert biblical truth here], then [insert discussion topic here],” and after that “close the loop” on the statement!) There has to be that love-saturated reason behind the claim, and not just a “cause God says so,” for an ear to continue inclining. And you know what neither of us did while we discussed? Neither of us attacked, belittled, or undermined the other’s belief. I was able to show her that Christ isn’t on one side or the other in terms of affiliation, he doesn’t band together with one party and snicker at the other. He gets down in the dirt and loves both. At the end of this conversation, guess what happened as well? The Gospel was shared!

If you haven’t already gotten interested or familiar with societies issues on a grander scale, do so for the sake of the Kingdom. Reach out to those people around you and start conversations with an intention to make intelligent conversation for the sake of Christ!

Trust me, Jesus will be with us, and there is so much joy to be had. Come along with me!