The message of the Gospel is often seen as very hopeful and exhilarating, in a good way. But, what many may not realize is that several non-Christians find it VERY offensive. Here’s why.

The idea that we are all sinful. The Bible clearly states that all humans are sinners, and fall much short of the glory of the Most High God. So if some random person told you that you were a sinner, wouldn’t you be offended?

Sin leads to death. After being told that everyone is a sinner under God’s eyes, you most likely will be told that this sin you can’t control causes death. Wow, well that sounds hopeful right? The sin that I can’t control leads to death I must endure.

Not only is there physical death, but sin leads us to hell. This sin that is in every man causes physical death, but to make matters worse, there is also a spiritual death. In this spiritual death that sin causes, your soul goes to hell for eternity because God cannot be in the presence of your sin.

Where’s Hope In The Gospel Then?

Wow! Well that is a very depressing Gospel to tell people, maybe you can see why it is offensive. But, I think that the very parts of the Gospel that make it offensive also make it almost impossible for us to comprehend fully.

All of the thoughts in bold above are true about what the Gospel teaches. However, there is another truth about the Gospel. It shows us that there is absolutely nothing we can do to escape the consequences of sin, or even sin itself. You may be thinking, “Well that is even more depressing.” But its not… because Jesus did it. Jesus was a completely pure sacrifice that took all of our sin and its consequences of eternal death in hell, giving us the opportunity to chose free life with Him in heaven.

When sharing these truths of the Gospel with lost friends, they may be offended. That is okay, as long as it is the message that is offensive, not the way you deliver it. Our actions should always put love first, as 1 Corinthians 13 shows that anything without love is nothing.

So How Can I Tear Down Their Worldview With Love?

This may seem harsh, but it is a sincere question for all Christians to give thought to. Every person has a worldview, so how are you going to share a truth they may have never heard that is offensive, with total love? It’s not always an easy thing to handle.

Try to think of how it would feel to be told that your life is full of sin and bad deeds. The person you may be sharing the gospel with could quite possibly have their entire world view shaken, and that’s okay. But as Christ-followers, we must know how to share this sensitive message with love, but also with urgency. The Gospel is not something God orchestrated to make us happy, the Gospel is meant for saving.

Your lost friend may feel offended, but be willing to share with them in love. Always show the entirety of the Gospel, which will hopefully make them realize that the very things that make the Gospel offensive make it so incredible as well.

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  1. Though indeed in a world where offending someone is looked at as hate. I actuality it means you love them enough to risk telling the truth.

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