“American Christianity is based more on a godless culture than it is the Word of God.”

Paul Washer

Your classmates, people who go to your church, and even you may be falling for the scam of American Christianity. This may sound extreme, but yes… it’s a scam. Let me tell you how.

What Is “American Christianity”?

Let’s define “American Christianity” and then I’ll give some examples to give some real-life context to what I’m saying. American Christianity is based around a simple principle: God is here to make us feel good, be successful, be “better” people, be positive, and get us out of hell. In this “version” of Christianity, God doesn’t call his people to turn from their sin, genuinely listen to His calling, and get uncomfortable for the sake of reaching lost people. American Christianity is all about how can God help me simply for me claiming the title of “Christian”. It is all about consuming but never pouring out. It looks like going to church to feel good but not saying anything about it or changing your life. American Christianity looks like picking and choosing what to obey from God’s Word based on what we “like” and choosing to ignore what would cause us to change something in our lives.

The American Christianity life looks somewhat like this:

“I go to church every Sunday”
“I wear my W.W.J.D. bracelet every day, and sometimes I even wear a cool shirt with Philippians 4:13 on it”
“My friends tell me what a good person I am”
“On Instagram I caption some of my posts with Bible verses”
“I want prayer to be allowed in school”
“I think abortion is bad”
“When the going gets tough, I pray to God”

The Danger of The American Christianity Scam

Here’s the danger of American Christianity: It’s not the actual Gospel you find in the Bible. The danger is that you could not live a changed life; therefore, not even saved. The danger is that you would think following a set of rules is what saves you or that simply being a “good person” is what saves you. The Bible shows us that this is not the case. If you have not repented from your former life then you have yet to receive the free gift of eternal life and restored relationship with Christ. Let me tell you how you can have that. What is the Gospel according to the Word of God?

What Is the TRUE Gospel?

The true Gospel is this:
The heart of the Gospel is that God has redeemed man back to Himself through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We (all humans) have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) Because of this, we have been eternally separated from being with God. BUT! God sent his only son, Jesus down to earth to live a perfect, sinless life and to be the sacrifice on the cross that would take away our sin. When Jesus rose from the grave on the third day he defeated sin and death forever! Now, all we must do is accept Jesus as our savior and Lord of our life and repent from our sins to follow Him.

Since Christ has been raised, paying the penalty for our sins, we are in the greatest debt that anyone could ever be. This causes us to live gratefully in eternal praise to the one who saved us. The gift that Christ gave us on the cross was one that was totally free to us; hence why it was a gift. Because of this, we act as Paul wrote by “offering up our bodies as living sacrifices” back to God. He is the maker, saver, and owner of our lives; we owe our all to Him. This means dying to ourselves. There is no greater joy than to give our lives to Christ because it returns us back to fellowship with God.


The American Gospel of God being there simply to make us happy, better people, or some better version of ourselves has got some serious problems.

It’s Unbiblical

In regards to being unbiblical, the American Gospel has many offenses. Most of all, it is unbiblical because the American Gospel is all about YOU. That distortion of what it means to be a Christian puts you at the center of your life as the god and not Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for our good and HIS GLORY. King Jesus should be at the center of our hearts and lives because of it.

It Doesn’t Last When Things Get Hard

At some point this distortion will fail and “let you down” leaving you feeling stranded in disarray. When the purpose of the Gospel becomes distorted into making us successful or happy in the eyes of the world, it will fail. When living a life like God calls us to in the Bible, our focus is praising God, not making money. If you have to be happy for the Gospel to be true then you’re in some serious trouble…. Think about this for a second: In the Bible, it says to “not be surprised when the fiery trials come”, yet some distortions of Christianity would have you believe that once you accept Jesus every struggle in life goes away. NOPE! If we are buying the lie that when we follow God everything will be sunshine and rainbows, the second that temptations, trials, tribulations, sufferings, or persecutions come our version of the Gospel falls apart.

It Requires People to “Pick and Choose” With Scripture

Some people deem passages in the New Testament as “convicting” or “extreme” so they must avoid them so they don’t have to change the way they live. This is the case with American Christianity. For American Christianity to survive it must come from not reading God’s Word fully or by picking and choosing. When put to the test against the Bible, American Christianity falls apart and is revealed as nothing more than a destructive and corrupt lie.


Don’t fall for the scam of “American Christianity”. It’s time that we die to ourselves, repent from our sins, and turn to live the life that God’s Word calls us to live. I challenge you to pick up a Bible right now or go online and read the gospel of Luke so that you can examine your life and make sure that you’re not falling for the American Christianity Scam.

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