After collecting some ideas from listeners and readers about what they would like to see on G4F, this was a suggested topic. Kanye West. As secular news stories pop up everywhere about the rapper’s newfound relationship with Jesus, where should we as Christians stand? What is the right approach?

The Hardest Part

Social media is littered with opinions on Kanye and his faith position. Anywhere you look there’s an opinion, maybe that it is fake or genuine. So what is so divisive about it all?

  1. We want to know. As followers of Jesus, we want to know who will be worshiping in eternity and who won’t be. It seems that a persistent quality of humans is to know things- are they real.
  2. We have memories. Depending on what you remember, it shapes the way you think about people. For Kanye specifically, many think of explicit albums, sinful patterns, and potentially blasphemous comments.
  3. We feel we should protect the honor of our faith. As Christians, we want to bring dignity and glory to Christ. Sometimes it feels like that glory may be tainted by someone who seems potentially dangerous to the faith.
  4. We know every branch doesn’t produce fruit, and it will be cut off. Many people talk about how Jesus is the True Vine (John 15). The Bible says not all will show proof of faith; they will be cut off. Some Christians feel Kanye falls under this category.

What is the Gospel?

This current news seems quite controversial. Perhaps I will step on some toes here, but stay with me! The Gospel is the amazing news that God sent His Son in human form to live a sinless life and take our sins to pay the sacrificial penalty of death so that we may be pure. Our role to accept this with our heart, soul, and mind, as well as live it out. Let’s remember that Christianity is the only religion where humans accept the fact that they can do nothing to earn salvation; it is given through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Best Part

We mentioned the hardest part about understanding Kanye’s position, so what is the best part?

  1. The Gospel is Love. In what world does a God send His Son to die, a Son who left a place where he had access to any luxury imaginable? Answer: A world where there is passionate love, a love that can only be established through a moral God. Despite our hurt and pain, we are called to love as Jesus did (John 13:34).
  2. The Gospel is Supernatural. Throughout the Bible we see many servants of God go through miraculous transformations. A few that come to mind are the apostle Paul (passionate killer of Christians), Nicodemus (Ruler of Jews), and Zacchaeus (Chief tax collecter, scandal, thief). These and many others showed a heart change that was supernatural; a true turning away of oneself and putting aside wealth and fame for Christ. That is something that can only be explained by insanity or the supernatural. I support the supernatural.
  3. The Gospel is Glory. The Gospel brings glory to God, in all aspects. As humans, we should not think that someone who seems “dirty” beyond measure will taint the Gospel message in some way. That’s the beauty of the Gospel, it doesn’t care who you were, where you were, what you did, or how you did it before your relationship with Jesus. That’s what the blood of Jesus Christ was for.
  4. The Gospel is for Sinners. The Gospel was put in place because of our sin nature, so to say that someone is too sinful for it is absurd. How dare we as Christians call this out among new believers as sinners with our own dark secrets.
  5. The Gospel is both Personal and Shareable. In terms of whether or not someone is abiding in the vine or not, that is something only God must decide. We can look for the fruits of following Christ in other’s lives, but this is not a proof of one’s faith in absolute terms. The decision to follow is private, yet also requires an outward change in decision making and even life goals.

So What About Kanye

Kanye….. well what do you think? We covered some of the possible issues Christians might have with Kanye’s transformation, as well as what the Gospel is and what it entails. As Christians, we should be the first to affirm anyone’s choice to follow Jesus. Millions pray daily for God to multiply His kingdom; any showing of that happening should bring us true joy. To the point of knowing whether the conversion is real, I urge you to hold your judgement. See how Kanye uses his stage to advance the Gospel, look for the fruit, but don’t criticize. Celebrate in joy for a brother in Christ who has an unbelievable platform of influence and fame. Remember the sin, then remember how great our God must be to deliver one out of it. Pray for Kanye. Pray that he would stand strong for Christ, that he would not lose fervor and zeal for the Gospel. Pray for heart changes.

Kanye West

The Gospel WILL Change Lives

In closing, let us not forget the life-changing ability of the Gospel. Join G4F in praying for revival in our communities, states, countries, and our world. Perhaps Kanye will play a small roll in God’s unimaginable plan to save millions. Whatever it may be, we should be thankful for an example of the saving power of the Gospel on display for millions. Thousands of years later, Jesus’s life is still utterly radical and truly life-changing to many. Let us thank God for His goodness, and pray Kanye will stay obedient to this new calling he has displayed for the world. The Gospel will change lives, and the glory will always be given to God.

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  1. The only thing that can be said is AMEN🙌 You nailed it Ben! ❤️God’s truth should be radical transformation!✝️

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