“Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation”

1 Peter 2:2

The other day while I was at work, I got preoccupied doing one task after another. I was crushing each task that came my way but boy-oh-boy was I ready for some food! My shift started at 7am, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast before I left the house that morning. So, when I finally went to lunch around 2 o’clock, I CRUSHED a big ole Chipotle burrito along with a large bag of chips all on my own like it was nothing. Shortly after that, I headed back to work only to realize the worst: I no longer had any interest in working hard. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and take a nap!

Nevertheless, I persevered through that last hour of work, doing my best to get as much work done in the meantime as possible. While I was on the way back home, I spent some time reflecting on what happened. The LORD used that to remind me of a spiritual truth. A truth that what is missing from the human heart brings confusion, apathy, and purposelessness. It’s the truth that Christ is the ultimate source of satisfaction, and His Word is essential for our daily life.

Here’s the tie in

This is the tie in between what happened to me and what God’s Word has to say for us! Every time I hold off on eating and then feast on food, I am satisfied for a moment but I quickly get lazy and just want to go sleep. The same exact thing happens in our spiritual life! Have you ever experienced this too? Our souls are longing for true satisfaction in Christ because we’re not spending daily time in the Word. But then we make resolutions or we go to camp or retreat and find a flash-in-the-pan type of passion. We feast on the pureness of Christ’s Word, we become satisfied and filled, but quickly become lazy and stop pursuing Him.

What we are left with is laziness and then dissatisfaction just a little while later. We foolishly repeat this process time and time again but fail to foster this relationship the way Christ has designed it for us. God’s Word says that we are to “long for the spiritual milk” (1 Peter 2:2). Simply put, we are to long for His Word and more of God. He says that we are to do this in the exact same way that newborn infants desire milk. Sooo… that got me thinking (insert Apple curious emoji here).

Feeding like Newborns

“How often do newborns need to feed?” I thought to myself. Upon looking it up, I found that they actually feed between 8 and 12 times a day! That’s a ton! This is the same way that Christ calls for us to feed off of His Word. I don’t think He used this analogy just cuz. As teens, we may not understand the extremeness of feeding 8-12 times a day simply because we might not have had the opportunity to take care of a baby before. But… to all those who have cared for a newborn, they get it! They realize the strength of what God meant in this passage when He used the analogy.

What God is teaching me right now and reminding me of is that not all of our time has to be in long extended chunks, but rather, coming back to God’s Word continually throughout the day is essential. Whether that’s through the memorization of scripture or it’s through the physical words on the page, we should be feeding off Christ’s Word continually!! There’s good reason for that as well, but that’s for another blog post!


Don’t sit around and starve yourself from God’s Word, be in it consistently, even if those are small little chunks at a time! You make time for the things most important to you. Follow Christ one small step at a time! The challenge for this week is to spend consistent time in God’s Word even if it’s for only 10 minutes at a time!

If you’re looking for more on this topic, checkout this great article that Ben wrote about fostering a relationship with the Lord!

2 thoughts on “Your Physical Hunger Reveals Our Need for Deep Spiritual Satisfaction in Christ

  1. You guys have been nailing it with these latest articles!

    This one specifically hit home for me as of lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about the beauty of my quiet time during dryer seasons of life. Remembering to stay in the Word constantly is what gives us life and energy just like snacking throughout the day does. It’s so crucial and you can see the difference when you do it and when you don’t.

    God made us to need Him just like a baby needs that milk. Like Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth always says, “Eat the Word of God, crave it, partake of it, indulge in it more than anything else this world has to offer.”

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