Hey y’all. It’s been a long time since you have heard from me directly on the blog, and that is something that I’m quite troubled over. I have always wanted to jump back in and write something but have never know quite what to say. Well today I am finally jumping back into the water, and I am going to start with sharing what Christ is doing in my life and what he has been teaching me since the last time you heard from me. This post is going to be raw. No fancy words or grammar or anything like that. I’m going to write it like I think it. Most of the time I would hesitate to post a blog post because I just didn’t know if it was “powerful enough” but today I will simply lay it out there!

Major life updates for me involve me changing colleges, changing job roles, and getting engaged! YES! I know! I will be marrying the love of my life on June 6th, her name is Braeley.

Also, I transitioned from going to school at Virginia Commonwealth University and have continued my business degree at the University of Florida. It has been killer so far! They have got a legit program there! They’re ranked #6 in the U.S. among public universities. Without a doubt I am learning that SEC really stands for “Study Every Chance”.

Lastly, I have taken over managing the Online Grocery department at the Walmart where I work. I’ve been working like crazy to do my best to get where I need to be in order to provide for my bride to be! All these things are well and good but they are opportunities for distraction and that’s what God has been teaching me.

Don’t get lost in the grind

“Don’t get lost in the grind”. In many ways, this has been me. I have been lost in the grind. There was one day the Lord wrecked me as the Holy Spirit reminded me of where the true battle lies. It lies in having a mindset that is focused on the second coming of Christ, not the coming of my second pay check this month. It lies within praying diligently unto Christ in every situation, not in thinking about how much closer you are to getting done with school.

I was reminded one night about where my sight had been shifted to as I was talking with my mom about what I was going to do once I graduated with my degree. I told her I had no idea. But she then reminded me of the reason I started this business degree in the first place, to glorify God and to pursue His plan for my life, to pursue serving Him more, and to dive deeper into ministry! How could I have forgotten all of this!?! I got so fixed on success and achievement, that I lost sight of pursuing Christ through the things I do.

I realized I was distracted by all of these things themselves, rather than pursuing hard after Christ and seeking his guidance. I had settled to live a distracted, lukewarm life.

The Shake Up

That night after talking with my mom, I went to hit the gym. I started listening to Lecrae’s new album Restoration and it hit me hard. If you haven’t given it a listen, definitely check it out! I realized just how lukewarm I had truly been living my life. I had been focused on the here and now and not Christ. It was like getting splashed in the face with cold water! I had gotten so busy and distracted that I had neglected the one thing that Christ has made me so passionate about: Grounds4Faith and the community of believers it creates. Following Christ is my sole passion and expressing that desire through Grounds4Faith is something that I will never shake. That is because Christ has rooted this passion deeply inside of me all I must do is be faithful to serve.

Encouragement and warning

My encouragement for you is to examine your life! Are you living lukewarm? Your passions and desires and prayers will reveal that! More on that later! My warning to you is DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME LIVING LUKEWARM!! Christ is so much better!

Continue the conversation…

What do you think? Have you ever experienced this before? Are you experiencing it now? How are you growing in your relationship with Christ today?

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  1. Another great post, Caleb! Thanks for sharing from your heart! It’s so easy for us to get caught in monotnous work cycles and miss what the Lord is doing in our lives! Keep it up young man!

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