Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

The nature of the human heart is to crave things. Think about that for a second! Everyone in this life has something that they want or desire, and these things that are craved and desired say a considerable amount about what’s going on in the heart of the person Let’s start with the definition of ” to crave”, then we can build from there!

What does it mean “to crave”?

“Crave” is defined primarily as “a powerful desire for something.” As humans we are often times captive to our cravings; we get thirsty and crave water, so we drink. We get hungry and crave food, so we eat. We crave love and affection, so we find spouses. We crave comfort, so we do whatever it takes to keep us comfortable. We crave approval from others, so we do what others want us to, even to our detriment at times. You don’t have to look that hard to discover that the human heart is ruled by the things that it craves.

Cravings in some instances are the things that keep us alive, like craving water or food, but when these powerful desires are entangled within the flesh of our hearts, sin is birthed.

Here’s the danger of desire

Desire alone is a dangerous thing when it is not given over to the Holy Spirit that lives within us. James 1 makes it very clear in verse 14 that “each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it is fully grown gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings death.”


That’s pretty steep. James links desire and sin a pair! He actually says that it’s our desire in the first place that brings forth the sin that we are burdened by within our lives. The desires and cravings of our hearts are ones that will lead us towards sin and away from Christ when they are placed and given to the wrongs things. Time and time again throughout the Bible we see the writers of numerous books explaining the wickedness of the human heart and how it is corrupt and perverse. If you don’t see that in the world around you, just turn on the news; I promise, you won’t have to watch long to find what I’m talking about.

So then, if we know that our hearts our corrupt and the desires of our heart take a natural bent towards sin, what are we to do?

Dealing with the cravings and desires of our hearts

The Fall happened because of human desire to pursue what our hearts thought was best, rather than what God says is what’s best. Man, I could go on forever about this topic but I’m going to try to hit some main points in this that way we can start a conversation down below in the comments! Here is a simplified list of what we need to do with these desires just to get the wheels turning in your mind a bit.

  1. Realize the sinful desires of our hearts and Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Acknowledging Jesus as Lord is the first and foremost important thing you can do when dealing with the cravings of our hearts.
  2. Admit that we are sinners, believing that he died on the cross for our sins, and confessing that He is Lord and Savior of our lives! (If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us!! We would love to talk with you more one on one!)
  3. We must understand and meditate on Colossians 3, which says that since we have been raised with Christ, we are to set our minds on and seek the things above, while turning from the things of this world. We do this through sacrificial obedience to Christ. Read the book of Colossians for more on that!
  4. Realize that all good things come from Christ. Later on in James 1, James writes saying that every good and perfect gift comes from God above.

Practical steps to take

Ultimately, our hearts will all crave something. A person’s cravings say a lot about what the condition of their soul is; therefore, at Grounds4Faith, we desire to see Christ be the one you crave. Ben and myself want to see a generation on fire for Christ! The honest truth is though that you cannot impact the world around you if your heart is not in the right place to do so. You can’t impact the world for Christ if your hearts desires aren’t like Christ’s. Pray and ask for God to give you His heart, and to align your desires with His desire, that way we can shout that Christ be magnified on the alter of our lives!


Take time to pray today asking God to align your hearts desires with the desires of His heart! Confess to Christ through prayer the times when you choose the desires of your own heart rather than Christ’s heart.